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Baby ISA - The tax efficient way to save towards your child’s secure financial future in 2013.

The Tax Free way to save towards your child’s future

Anyone can pay into a Junior ISA including grandparents, family & friends

Save up to £4080 per tax year

The funds can only be accessed by the child when they reach 18

Wide range of Junior ISAs to choose from

Junior ISAs are a tax free savings accounts for children. They have replaced the old Child Trust Fund and are great for saving up a lump sum of money for your child when they become an adult (18 years old).

With Baby
ISA, the funds are securely locked away and cannot be accessed until the child reaches 18. Once the child reaches 18 they can withdraw the funds or should they decide to keep the funds within the account, it will automatically switch to a regular ISA account and they can continue to enjoy tax free savings on their investment.

Anyone can pay into the account such as friends, grandparents etc and this makes them ideal for Birthdays, Christmas as you can pay in a lump sum should you wish.

There are two different types of ISAs for children. A Children’s Cash ISA and a baby Stocks and Shares ISA. Each eligible child can hold one of each account but the combined investment allowance must not exceed £4000 per tax year.


If you are unsure if a Baby ISA is a suitable investment then it is recommend that you speak with an independent financial advisor. You can find an advisor from independent websites such as ThinkIFA.com & Unbiased.co.uk

Junior ISA Regulations

  • Junior ISAs are only available to children who live within the UK and do not hold a Child Trust Fund
  • You can invest up to £4000 (for the tax year 2014/2015) per year tax free
  • Friends, Relatives & Grandparents can all contribute towards Baby ISAs
  • All funds held within Junior ISAs are safely locked away within the account until the child reaches 18
  • Only the parents or legal guardians can open a Children’s ISA on behalf of the child.
  • When the child reaches 18, the account will automatically change to a regular Stocks and Shares ISA and they can continue enjoying tax free savings.
  • Children can have both a cash and stocks & shares Junior ISA (only one of each permitted) but the total annual investment must not exceed £4000 (for the tax year 2014/2015) per year.
  • Unlike the Child Trust Fund, the government will not be contributing towards it.
  • You cannot transfer a Child Trust Funds to Junior ISAs.
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