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Stocks and Shares
Junior ISAs

Tax free investing for your child’s future

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Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs - Investing in your child’s future

Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs

Junior Stocks and Shares ISAs are tax free savings accounts where you can build up a nest egg of money for when your child gets older and best of all, any interest / dividends earned on the account is Tax Free!

Once the child reaches 18, they have access to the funds which can then be used to help pay towards their further education (university fee’s) or even help go towards a deposit for their first home.

Dependent upon the provider, with Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs, your money can go into a wide range of funds and investments including stocks and shares, investment bonds, mutual funds, government bonds etc. Because these types of Junior ISAs are investment based, how much you receive is dependent upon how well your investment performs.

Statistically & historically, stocks and shares have always performed very well when compared to cash in the medium to long term.


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Junior ISA Regulations

  • Junior ISAs are only available to children who live within the UK and do not hold a Child Trust Fund
  • You can invest up to £4000 per year tax free
  • Friends, Relatives & Grandparents can all contribute towards Junior ISAs
  • All funds held within Junior ISAs are safely locked away within the account until the child reaches 18
  • Only the parents or legal guardians can open a Children’s ISA on behalf of the child.
  • When the child reaches 18, the account will automatically change to a regular Stocks and Shares ISA and they can continue enjoying tax free savings.
  • Children can have both a cash and stocks & shares Junior ISA (only one of each permitted) but the total annual investment must not exceed £4000 per year.
  • Unlike the Child Trust Fund, the government will not be contributing towards it.
  • You cannot transfer a Child Trust Funds to Junior ISAs.
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